Saturday, 30 November 2013

Heart breaking story


We are strangers now

It's been almost a month that we
broke up. He was the best thing
that was ever mine. This word *was* was pricking every bit of me.
Who says I don't miss you? God
dammit. I try to forget you but I
can't. I try to keep myself busy
throughout the day so that I don't
get time to think about you, to
think about us, to think about the
memories we had built. But at
night, all my tries go in vain. Your
face flashes in my mind all the
time. The time spent with you seems
as if its long gone but its essence is
still there. I lose count of time when
I think about you. The way you
loved me, the way you used to take
my name, where has it gone? Was
our love so weak that rumours
spread by other people made us fall
apart? Whenever we pass
each other now, our eyes meet for a
fraction of a second and I can see
hurt , tears and pain in them. I wish
you let me speak to you once. I
wish, just once. We are no more
than strangers now. They say girls
are strong. But they are wrong. I feel lost inside. I
feel as if the most important part of
me has been taken away from me. I
had imagined our future together.

You were gonna be my prince and
I would have given you all the
treasures of this world.
But this bloody mean world! It just
took you away from me. They took
my most priced possession. I am
feeling as if a puzzle had lost its
piece, a ship had lost its direction in
the sea, star lost its shine, a word
lost its meaning and I lost my heart
and soul to the world when it took
you away from me.

The early morning texts I got from
you , those late night convo's, I really don't know
which part I miss the most. I have
lost myself completely. My days feel
like decades without you. I often go to the places whr i used to speak to u
just to have an essence of your
presence. Seeing other couples
happy makes me realize what we
would have been today if we were
together? And tears flow through
my eyes. I try to ignore the pain
but it suffocates me inside.

I still re - read those texts n all the memories in my mind flashes back again. From lovers
we became the world's most
familiar strangers. Lots of unsaid
feelings and words inside us, but we
prefer to keep it to ourselves because
we are no less than two strangers
who had once promised to conquer
the world together. Your memories
cry me to sleep every night.
I still love you. :( -

Heart touching story


Must read heart touching story:
Girl: hey baby, happy
birthday Boy: thank u (:
Girl: I'll be at your house at 7:30pm
Boy: okay babe,promise?
Girl: yeah, I promise. I love u so much.. no matter what
Boy: I love u too. I am going to cook for our dinner (:
Girl: okay baby (: Exactly 7:30, girl does not arrive...
1 hour goes by.
8:30 and the girl arrives....
Boy: hey babe.. What took u so long?
Girl: *hugs him*, sorry. There was a lot of traffic.
Boy: Its okay as long as u are here (:
I bet you're hungry. They went to dinner and ate and talked...
*boy phone rings*
*Its the girls mom*
Boy: hello
Girls mom: ( crying ) son, I have to tell u something I am in the
hospital right now my daughter just passed out.
Boy: ha? What are you talking about?
Girls mom: (crying) she was in a car crash a "hour ago"
she did not make it. .
Boy: "shocked" looks at his girl.
The girl is in the dark
holding a candle
saying "Baby, I did not break my promise.."

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More reasons to eat fruits


More reasons to eat fruits:
Protects against cancer, aging, gives you energy, relax blood vessels etc

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Eat better to see better


Eat better to see better...
Simple tips to enhance your eye sight :)

Reduce the stress in life with these simple foods


Reduce the stress in life with these simple foods

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

True love


A short story-
One day God send a chair to Two Lovers...
The specialty of that chair was
that the person sitting on it if says
TRUTH, Then the GREEN lite would
blink and if person sitting on it says
LIE, then RED lite would blink....

Girl sat on the chair..
BOY- Do you LOVE me?
GIRL- Yes I love You....(RED lite blinks..)
BOY- Don't worry there will be
mistake done by god..!!
I'll ask You again 'n then We'll see
what Will happen...
BOY- Do You LOVE me?
GIRL- Yes I love you... (GREEN light blinks..)
Do you know what happened
when First Time the Boy asked,
The girl actually was NOT
Interested in Love with him....
she LIED ..
But when boy showed his trust
on the girl..That girl truly started
LOVING the boy....

Thats LOVE..!

Moral Of The Story-
"One Sided Love Can Win Too...
If You Show Your Trust..

Poor mans pure love


A very poor man lived with his wife.

One day, his wife, who had very long hair asked him to buy her a comb for her hair to grow well and to be well-groomed.

The man felt very sorry and said no. He explained that he did not even have enough money to fix the strap of his watch he had just broken.

She did not insist on her request.

The man went to work and passed by a watch shop, sold his damaged watch at a low price and went to buy a comb for his wife.

He came home in the evening with the comb in his hand ready to give to his wife.

He was surprised when he saw his wife with a very short hair cut.

She had sold her hair and was holding a new watch band.

Tears flowed simultaneously from their eyes, not for the futility of their actions, but for the reciprocity of their love.

MORAL: To love is nothing, to be loved is something but to love and to be loved by the one you love,that is EVERYTHING. Never take love for granted.

Maximize your success by simple tips


Maximize your success by simple tips:
Exercise light, sleep tight, eat right.

Health benefits of cucumbers


Health benefits of cucumbers

Home remedies for various body disorders


Monday, 25 November 2013

Sweet love story


A boy loves a girl so much. They both are studying in one class.
The Boy Never Does Homework
In Class
To Get Punishment Of Bending on His Knees;

In Front Of 'Her' Bench
Just To See Her For Whole Period...

Gets Scolding From His Parents;
Because He Reaches Late Every day,
Just To Ensure That She Has Reached
Home Safely Or Not... ♥

Skips His Lunch
& Pretends To Be Studying In
The Interval;
Just To See Her Eating The Food... =)

Walks By Foot To The Home Instead
Of Taking A Bus;
Just To Save Money To Buy
Chocolates For Her.." ♥ =)

A touching love story that will make u cry


"A touching love story that 'll make u cry"

10th Grade:-

As I sat there in English class,
I stared at the girl next to me.
She was my so called 'best friend'.
I stared at her long, silky hair,
and wished she was mine.
But she didn't notice me like that,
and I knew it.

After class,
she walked up to me and asked me for
the notes she had missed the day before.
I handed them to her.She said 'thanks'
and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I want to tell her, I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.

11th grade:-

The phone rang. On the other end,
it was her. She was in tears,
mumbling on and on about how
her love had broke her heart.
She asked me to come over
because she didn't want to be alone, So I did.

As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her
soft eyes, wishing she was mine.
After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie,
and three bags of chips,
she decided to go home.
She looked at me, said 'thanks'
and gave me a kiss
on the cheek..I want to tell her,1

I want her to know that
I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.

Senior year:-

One fine day she walked to my locker.
"My date is sick" she said,
"hes not gonna go" well,

I didn't have a date, and in 7th grade,
we made a promise that
if neither of us had dates,
we would go together just as 'best friends'.
So we did.

That night, after everything was over,
I was standing at her front door step.
I stared at her as She smiled at me
and stared at me with her crystal eyes.
Then she said- "I had the best time, thanks!"

and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I want to tell her,
I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.


A day passed, then a week, then a month.
Before I could blink, it was graduation day.
I watched as her perfect body
floated like an angel
up on stage to get her diploma.

I wanted her to be mine-but
she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it.
Before everyone went home,
she came to me in her smock and hat,
and cried as I hugged her.

Then she lifted her head from my shoulder
and said- 'you're my best friend,
thanks' and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I want to tell her,
I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.

Now I sit in the pews of the church.
That girl is getting married now.
and drive off to her new life,
married to another man.

I wanted her to be mine,
but she didn't see me like that,
and I knew it.
But before she drove away,

she came to me and said 'you came !'.
She said 'thanks' and kissed me on the cheek.
I want to tell her,
I want her to know
that I don't want to be just friends,

I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.


Years passed, I looked down at the coffin
of a girl who used to be my 'best friend'.
At the service, they read a diary entry
she had wrote in her high school years.

This is what it read:
'I stare at him wishing he was mine,
but he doesn't notice me like that,
and I know it.
I want to tell him,
I want him to know that
I don't want to be just friends,
I love him but I'm just too shy,

and I don't know why.

I wish he would tell me he loved me !

.........'I wish I did too...

It Really Touched my Heart, the Best ever Story i've ever posted here.

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Health benefits of bananas


Health benefits of bananas

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Moral story


A Boy and a Girl were Playing Together,
The Boy had a Collection of Marbles..
and The Girl had some Sweets with Her..!

The Boy told the Girl that;
“he will give her all His Marbles
In Exchange for Her Sweets..”

The Girl Agreed;
The Boy kept the biggest
and the most Beautiful Marble Aside;
and gave the Rest to the Girl..!

But The Girl gave Him all Her Sweets
as She had Promised..=)
That Night, the Girl Slept Peacefully,

But the Boy couldn’t Sleep as He kept Wondering
If the Girl had Hidden some Sweets from Him
the Way He had Hidden His best Marble..=(

Moral of the Story:
If you don’t give your 100% in a Relationship,
you’ll always keep Doubting;
If the Other Person has Given His/Her 100% !!
This is Applicable for any Relationship;
Give Ur 100% to Everything U do & Sleep Peacefully..

Are you jealous?


Health benefits of drinking lemon water


Health benefits of drinking lemon water

Benefits of water


Benefits of water:
Regulates body temperature, Makes up 83% of your blood, removes waste, composes of your 22% of your bones, cushions your joints, makes up 75% of your muscles, helps your body absorb nutrients

Face massage tips


How does face massage effect on different body parts

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The marriage


When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand  and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly.  Again I observed the hurt in her eyes.

Suddenly I didn’t know how  to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a  divorce. I raised the topic calmly.
She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why?

I  avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the  chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t  talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what  had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory  answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I  just pitied her!

With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce  agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30%  stake of my company.
She glanced at it and then tore it into  pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life with me had become  a stranger. I felt sorry for her wasted time, resources and energy but I  could not take back what I had said for I loved Jane so dearly. Finally  she cried loudly in front of me, which was what I had expected to see.  To me her cry was actually a kind of release. The idea of divorce which  had obsessed me for several weeks seemed to be firmer and clearer now.

The  next day, I came back home very late and found her writing something at  the table. I didn’t have supper but went straight to sleep and fell  asleep very fast because I was tired after an eventful day with Jane.
When I woke up, she was still there at the table writing. I just did not care so I turned over and was asleep again.

In  the morning she presented her divorce conditions: she didn’t want  anything from me, but needed a month’s notice before the divorce. She  requested that in that one month we both struggle to live as normal a  life as possible. Her reasons were simple: our son had his exams in a  month’s time and she didn’t want to disrupt him with our broken  marriage.
This was agreeable to me. But she had something more,  she asked me to recall how I had carried her into out bridal room on our  wedding day.
She requested that every day for the month’s  duration I carry her out of our bedroom to the front door every morning.  I thought she was going crazy. Just to make our last days together  bearable I accepted her odd request.

I told Jane about my wife’s  divorce conditions. She laughed loudly and thought it was absurd. No  matter what tricks she applies, she has to face the divorce, she said  scornfully.

My wife and I hadn’t had any body contact since my  divorce intention was explicitly expressed. So when I carried her out on  the first day, we both appeared clumsy. Our son clapped behind us,  daddy is holding mommy in his arms. His words brought me a sense of  pain. From the bedroom to the sitting room, then to the door, I walked  over ten meters with her in my arms. She closed her eyes and said  softly; don’t tell our son about the divorce. I nodded, feeling somewhat  upset. I put her down outside the door. She went to wait for the bus to  work. I drove alone to the office.

On the second day, both of us  acted much more easily. She leaned on my chest. I could smell the  fragrance of her blouse. I realized that I hadn’t looked at this woman  carefully for a long time. I realized she was not young any more. There  were fine wrinkles on her face, her hair was graying! Our marriage had  taken its toll on her. For a minute I wondered what I had done to her.

On  the fourth day, when I lifted her up, I felt a sense of intimacy  returning. This was the woman who had given ten years of her life to me.
On  the fifth and sixth day, I realized that our sense of intimacy was  growing again. I didn’t tell Jane about this. It became easier to carry  her as the month slipped by. Perhaps the everyday workout made me  stronger.
She was choosing what to wear one morning. She tried on  quite a few dresses but could not find a suitable one. Then she sighed,  all my dresses have grown bigger. I suddenly realized that she had grown  so thin, that was the reason why I could carry her more easily.

Suddenly it hit me… she had buried so much pain and bitterness in her heart. Subconsciously I reached out and touched her head.

Our  son came in at the moment and said, Dad, it’s time to carry mom out. To  him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an essential  part of his life. My wife gestured to our son to come closer and hugged  him tightly. I turned my face away because I was afraid I might change  my mind at this last minute. I then held her in my arms, walking from  the bedroom, through the sitting room, to the hallway. Her hand  surrounded my neck softly and naturally. I held her body tightly; it was  just like our wedding day.

But her much lighter weight made me  sad. On the last day, when I held her in my arms I could hardly move a  step. Our son had gone to school. I held her tightly and said, I hadn’t  noticed that our life lacked intimacy.
I drove to office… jumped  out of the car swiftly without locking the door. I was afraid any delay  would make me change my mind… I walked upstairs. Jane opened the door  and I said to her, Sorry, Jane, I do not want the divorce anymore.

She  looked at me, astonished, and then touched my forehead. Do you have a  fever? She said. I moved her hand off my head. Sorry, Jane, I said, I  won’t divorce. My marriage life was boring probably because she and I  didn’t value the details of our lives, not because we didn’t love each  other anymore. Now I realize that since I carried her into my home on  our wedding day I am supposed to hold her until death do us apart.
Jane  seemed to suddenly wake up. She gave me a loud slap and then slammed  the door and burst into tears. I walked downstairs and drove away.

At  the floral shop on the way, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my wife.  The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and wrote,  I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart.

That evening I arrived home, flowers in my hands, a smile on my face, I run up stairs, only to find my wife in the bed – dead.

My  wife had been fighting CANCER for months and I was so busy with Jane to  even notice. She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save me  from the whatever negative reaction from our son, in case we push thru  with the divorce –At least, in the eyes of our son— I’m a loving  husband…

The small details of  your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the  mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank. These create an  environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in  themselves. So find time to be your spouse’s friend and do those little  things for each other that build intimacy. Do have a real happy  marriage!

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Successful people vs Unsuccessful people


Successful people vs Unsuccessful people

Health tips and super foods to stay young


Health tips and super foods to stay young

Saturday, 16 November 2013

How foods effect our body


Funny story


A man at work calls home and his 8 years old daughter picks the phone:

“Hi honey,this is daddy.Is mommy near the phone?”

“No daddy she is upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul.” The little girl quipped.

“After a brief pause daddy says,“But honey you haven’t got an uncle Paul!”

“Oh yes I do,and he is upstairs in the room with mommy right now.”

Brief pause,“Uh okay then,this is what I want you to do:put the phone down on the table,run upstairs,knock on the bedroom door,and shout to mommy that daddy’s car has just arrived at the gate.”

“Ok daddy just a minute....”

A while later the little girl comes back to the phone, “Done it daddy.

”"What happened honey?”

“Well, mommy got scared and jumped out of the bed naked,ran round the room screaming,tripped over,and knocked her head on the staircase,now she is not moving at all.”

“What about Uncle Paul?” asked Dad. He jumped out the window into the swimming pool,but I guess he didn’t know you emptied the water last week. He hit the bottom and I think he’s dead.”

After a really long pause this time... Daddy says,“Swimming pool,but we don't have a swimming pool! Is this 486-5731?”

“No,this is 486-5713” “Sorry wrong number....!!!!”

Funny story


A little boy was doing his math homework & saying:

2+5, the son of a bitch is 7

3+6, the son of a bitch is 9. . .

His Mom: What are you doing?

Boy: I'm doing maths homework

Mom: this is how your teacher taught you?

Boy: Yes

Infuriated, Mom asked the teacher the next day-

'What are you teaching my son in maths?'

Teacher: Right now, we are learning addition.

Mom: you teaching them to say 2+ 2, the Son of a bitch is 4?

Teacher after laughing: What I taught them was, 2+2, The Sum of Which is 4 !

Heart touching story


One day, a poor boy who was selling goods from door to door to pay his way through school, found he had only one thin dime left, and he was hungry.

He decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door. Instead of a meal he asked for a drink of water.

She thought he looked hungry so brought him a large glass of milk He drank it slowly, and then asked,  "How much do I owe you?" "You don't owe me anything," she replied "Mother has taught us never to accept payment for a kindness."
He said...  "Then I thank you from my heart."

As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt; stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strong also. He had been ready to give up and quit.

Years later that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in specialists to study her rare disease. Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation.

When he heard the name of the town she came from, a strange light filled his eyes. Immediately he rose and went down the hall of the hospital to her room. Dressed in his doctor's gown he went in to see her.

He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day he gave special attention to the case.
After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested the business office to pass the final bill to him for approval.

He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge and the bill was sent to her room. She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for
it all. Finally, she looked, and something caught her attention on the side as she read these words...... " Paid in full with one glass of milk."  (Signed) Dr. Howard Kelly.

Tears of joy flooded her eyes as her happy heart prayed: "Thank You, GOD, that Your love has spread abroad through human hearts and hands."


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I want someone


I want someone who know that I am not really perfect

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The greatest gift you can give


The greatest gift you can give to a special someone is your time :-)

A heart touching love story


Boy: Hi baby!! How are u? I'm so happy today!!
Girl: Wait, i'll text u later, I'm still busy with my thesis.
Boy: Can u do it later? Let's talk first.. I miss u so much baby.

Girl: I have to finish this on time, u knw that.
Boy: Please baby, just this once? U can finish that tomorrow.

Girl: What???? Can't u understand this is my project!?
Can't u give me time for myself?? 

Boy: Sorry baby. I love u very very much. I'll just text u later.

Boy: Hi baby, I can't stay long not texting you. I really wanted to talk to u.. I want us to be happy again.

Boy: Hi baby, still u are not responding to my texts. How's your thesis?

Boy: Baby... Please respond, I'm worried already..

Boy: Baby it's already 10 PM.. It's been 2 hours but u are still not replying to my text. I miss u already... I love u so much!

Boy: Uhm baby.. I love u so much.. I'm just here for u always.. The time is near that we'll always be together..

Girl: Didn't I tell u i'll text u after I'm done with my thesis?! Can't u understand that?!?! Why is it so hard for u to get that I'm BUSY?? It's like there's no tomorrow.. U are overreacting.. WILL U JUST SLEEP??

Boy: Sorry baby.. Ok. Goodnight baby..I love u..Take care of yourself always..i'll always here to guide u..I'm just here..i'll never leave u.

......the NEXT DAY........

Girl: Baby, wake up..Sorry about what i've said last night..i was just really your breakfast baby, i'll be going to school now..

Girl: Wake up baby, u still have classes to attend.. text me when you're awake..
Girl: Hey, why until now u're not texting? It's already our lunch break..why didn't u attend your classes? Don't u have phone credits? Please text me..

Boy: He left us already.. my son left me already.. Your boyfriend left u.. he already left those who are dear to him.. Did he tells u he's sick?

This was the 3rd year his doctor gave him...we thought it wasn't true.. Because no one can predict how long a person can live in this world.. but to our surprised, his heart didn't make it too..

We tried to wake him up this morning but he never responded... There was a message for u in his phone but he wasn't able to send it.. 

"Take care of yourself always, I'm happy where I am going.. please, don't cry.. I'm sorry I didn't tell u about my condition..i don't want to bother u bcoz I know how busy u are with your thesis..i don't wanna add up to your worries..I'm not sure if I'm lucky enough to still have a chance to wake up tomorrow but I'm always praying that He'll give me a chance to see u and be with u everyday of my life..I love u so much...i regret that we didn't have a chance to talk longer today.. But I understand u..u might fail on your thesis if u won't be able to finish it..I'm really really sorry...and I love u very very much.. Please, promise me you'll be strong..I'm by your side now..i'll always be here.." :-/ :|

Heart touching story


There was a Boy and a Girl,
They were best friends for years and years,
They could Talk for hours on the Phone and text each other for days,
When They were Together;
Not a single Sad Thought could cross their Minds,
everything was Great, But One Day;

The Boy did not Answer any Call or Reply to any Text for a Day,
The Girl was worried that something was Wrong..

at night She couldn’t Sleep.., She was sitting in her Room Crying,
and It was then that She Realized how much He Means to Her..?

The next Morning;
She woke Up from a Phone call.., It was the Boy..:)

Boy : Hey..,
Girl : I am so glad that you Called Me, What happened to you yesterday ??
Boy : I was Busy
[ The GIRL Understood that;
Something was Wrong but could not Ask]


Boy : You know..; We should Stop talking..!
Girl: What??.., But Why ??
Boy: I am Sorry, Bye..!

[He Disconnected the call, and She Felt as If Somebody
had Slammed the door on Her face]

Everything else Flashed in Her Mind,
Tears :
Cars running by Her..
Roof of some building..and Sunset..
She couldn’t understand anything..
She started Feeling Lonely, rejected, and broken..:’(

That was the answer to everything! His words were pouncing on her..
Her heart wanted to jump out!

He was the One..! “Why..??”
She Screamed at the Top of her Voice;
Then She made up Her Mind to make a last Try to get Him Back..!

[She called Him Up]
Girl: hi…
Boy: Why are you calling Me?
Girl: I need to tell you Something..
Boy: Go Ahead.
Girl: I Just Wanted You to know one thing before we stopped talking!
Boy: Tell me..!

Girl: Are you All right?
[She broke off..!
She tried but may be he doesn't really Care about Her,
She Thought!
She wasn't His friend in the first Place...
Tears were slowly running Worst :'(
She left the House with a Note..!

[5 hours later]

Phone Rang in the Boy’s Room,
It was the Girl’s Mum,
The girl was lying in the hospital, Got hit by a Car, :’(
The Boy rushed to the Hospital where She was.

She Opened Her Eyes with the Boy’s name..,
He took her Hand..

Boy: I am so Sorry Its all my fault..! But;
I promise when U get better I’ll make It up to You..:(

Girl: I wont get Better..
Boy: No..! No Don’t say that..:(
Girl: just tell me one thing Why did you do it?

Boy told her that He had a Heart problem ‘n
he did not want her to be worried;
‘n there was a risk that he could have Died..!

Boy: I did that because I…..I…..I Love you..?
Girl : I LOVE YOU TOO..? and After That her heart Stopped Beating… She Died..! 

The Boy died 10 minute's later from a Heart Attack..

He could not live with the thought that She died Because of Him.. 

If You Love Someone…;
Then Don’t Hold Back Your Feelings…
because Love is The Reason to Live..!
Love is Beautiful..? !

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Benefits of exercise


Exercise will make you feel better,
Over all mood booster, confidence,
It helps your body to have high tolerance of pain, improves brain power,
Improves your character, self discipline, concentration, addiction recovery, helps to combat depression, reduces anxiety.

Cancers danger signals


Obey Cancers danger signals:

Go to a physician if you have...

  • Any sore that does not heal, particularly about the tongue, mouth or lips.
  • Persistent hoarseness that lasts longer than 2 weeks.
  • Any persistent lump or thickening especially in the breast.
  • persistent indigestion developing suddenly in the middle life.
  • Any irregular bleeding or discharge of blood from any part of body opening.
  • Sudden changes in the form or rate of growth of a mole or wart.
  • Do not wait for pain.

You're beautiful


You are beautiful and gorgeous in your own way ♥

Person who loves you more


Person who loves you more will fight with you daily without any reason, 
But Whenever you are sad that person will fight with the world to end your SADNESS ♥

Battle of a teacher and student


The Epic Battle of a TEACHER and STUDENT

Teacher: Hey Guys... Could you please pay a little attention here?

Student: yes mam, I am paying as little attention as i can. !!

Teacher: who will tell the chemical formula of water?

One student: Its "h.i.j.k.l.m.n.o."

Teacher: What is this?

Student: Mam, yesterday you told us that it is H to O !!

A teacher asks her class, "If there are 5 birds sitting on a tree and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?"

She calls on little Johnny. "None, they all fly away with the first gunshot."

The teacher replies, "The correct answer is 4, but I like YOUR THINKING"

Then Little Johnny says, "I have a question for YOU.

Teacher Replies, Okay Ask Me..

Little Johny: There are three women sitting on a bench having ice cream. One is delicately licking the sides of the triple scoop of ice cream. The second is gobbling down the top and sucking the cone. The third is biting off the top of the ice cream. Which one is married?"

The teacher, blushing a great deal, replies,

"Well I suppose the one that's gobbled down the top and sucked the cone."

"The correct answer is the one with the wedding ring on........

Funny story


I can't wait to see you! - Very Funny

One Day A Rich man went London for Tour.. He Take a Rental Room in a 5 Star Hotel.

There was a computer in his room, so he decided to send a mail to his wife.

However, he accidentally typed the wrong email address, and without realizing, he sent the mail to a widow who has just returned from her husband's funeral.

The widow decided to check her mail, expecting condolence messages from relatives and friends.

After reading the first message she fainted.

The son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor and saw the computer screen which read : "To my loving wife, i know you are surprised to hear from me, they have computers here and we are allowed to send mails to loved ones.

I have just checked in.

How are You and the kids, The place is really nice, but am lonely here.

I have made necessary arrangement for Your arrival tomorrow. Expecting you darling. I can't wait to see you!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Feelings men vs women


25 tips for a healthy heart


Follow these simple tips on daily basis and live with a healthy heart.
Have a healthy life, have a happy life.

Health issues with Hepatitis


Few facts of Hepatits:
It can be acute or chronic,
Acquired by fecal, contaminated food/water, sexual contact, mother to new born babies while breast feeding,
Caused by Hepatitis viruses A, B & C,
It can result in other viral infections too.

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