Thursday, 10 October 2013

Broken angel


She came to you asking your attention,
You said you were busy...

She called you in the middle of the
you said you wanna sleep...

She fought with you for no reason just
to spend ,
some time talking to the one she
needs the most,
you say she is Impossible...!

YES Shes bad..demanding....Possessive...Jealous...Weak....Emotional...
Yes she throws a lot of tantrums right?

But, Remember..

Once upon a time when you were
you looked at the moon and said,
"I'll give everything for SOMEONE
who disturbs me all the time,
I'll never LEAVE her alone, I'll never
let her CRY.."
You broke her Heart & the strange
part is...
She still Loves you...

"Don't Lose A Diamond While You
Are Too Busy Collecting the
She may not too good for you...

She is just the ONE for you ... !

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