Friday, 14 June 2013

Heart touching story '32


There was a boy who loved his girl
friend a lot. But he never proposed
her, because’ he always thought she could
find a good, rich boy rather than him.
After sometime that girl married to a
rich boy. After 10 years later girl and
her husband met a fatal car accident
and her husband died on the spot and
she survived as a miracle, but she lost
her both legs.
After few days her old boy friend
came to see her and cried a lot and
finally he hold her hands and told her
“I really love you so much and I want
to marry you”
Then the girl surprised and ask..”I
felt you loved me since we met, but
why didn’t you tell me that before ?”
Then boy replied. “I always wanted
you to have a better life; I thought I
never could give you such a life, so I
let you go to him, but when you
married to him I cried for days”.
Then girl asked...”Okay … but why do you
love me now? I ’m just a disabled
Boy replied. “I loved you forever, still
my love is same for you, and now I
believe I could give you the better

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